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Being customer-centric, We are passionate about client satisfaction and constantly focus on delivering measurable value to give you the highest possible return on your investment in us.

case studies red orange consulting
Interim CFO Services Red Orange Consulting

Interim CFO Services


Being the strategic partner to CEO, Board and operational teams.

Delivering immediate solution, filling the gap with injection of skills to the Finance Team.

Bringing a breath of fresh  air and a new approach to existing teams.

Investor Relations Red Orange Consulting

Investor Relations 


Handling communication of data and insight between the group and investors.

Helping to gain a full appreciation of the company's strategies, prospects and  business activities.

Budget Reporting Cash Flow Planning Red Orange Consulting

Budget, Reporting, Cashflow Planning

Hong Kong

Produce accurate 

financial reporting, cashflow, budget forecast and related information to management and external stakeholder in timely manner.

Continuous & sustainable
improvement of closings to increase transparency.

Start-up Support Red Orange Consulting

Start-up Support



Avoiding pitfalls, building solid fondations, pillars and culture, seize opportunities while minimizing the risk and cost where possible.

Enable Founders and Management team to handle business growth and scaling.

Internal Control & Project Red Orange Consulting

Internal Control & Project


Delivering cost-effective solutions to measure the performances, efficiency and effectiveness, support cost reduction and lead to a project profitability improvement.

Ensuring reliable financial reporting, and compliance with laws, regulations and policies.

case studies Interim CFO services investor relations red orange consulting
Treasury Liquidity Planning Red Orange Consulting

Treasury &
Liquidity Planning



Improve liquidity and cash flow forecasting.


Helping to navigate through an increasingly volatile environment and it  means nothing less than ensuring that the company remains solvent at all times for the foreseeable future.


Crisis Management Contigency Plan Red Orange Consulting

Crisis Management & Contingency Plan



To deal with a disruptive and unexpected events that threatens to harm the organization and its stakeholders, learn and improve after unplanned events. 

Business continuity plan helps to navigate through an increasingly volatile environment.

Restructuring Recovery Red Orange Consulting

& Recovery



From reshuffling of a team, modifying the financial and operational aspects, cost cutting, debt restructuring, structure analysis, to keep up with competition and adapt to a rapid changing market.

Maximizing recoveries and emerge stronger.

Risk Management Compliance Red Orange Consulting

Risk Management
& Compliance


Identifying, assessing and controlling threats.

Protecting the organization from a variety of unique risks and non-compliance.


Transparency in business, commitment of values, ethical conduct of business and ESG.

Safeguarding the Investors interests.

Joint Venture, Market Entry Strategic Alliance Red Orange Consulting

JV, Market Entry & Strategic Alliance



Helping internal and external growth at  different development 

phases, greenfield or brownfield projects, with market entry, feasibility study, partner identification

There are three types of strategic alliances: Joint Venture, Equity Strategic Alliance, and Non-equity Strategic Alliance.

case studies treasury optimization corporate restructuring red orange consulting
Process Improvement Change Management Red Orange Consulting

Process Improvement

Change Management


Improving efficiency of the procure-to-pay and

order-to-cash processes.

Analyzing optimizing business processes, bringing new collaborative tools, and infuse willingness to change.


Developing solutions to deliver value faster and with fewer headaches.

Oranization Development Employee Growth Red Orange Consulting

Orga. Development & Employee Growth


Inspiring and providing access to key knowledge, compliance, good governance and best practices.


Help to build the right mindset, ethical conduct, transparency, and influence to produce greater effectiveness and performance.  

ERP BI Tools Digital Transformation Red Orange Consulting

ERP, BI tools &
Digital Transformation



Introduction to new technologies and tools.

ERP, BI implementations.


Drive better business decisions by analyzing the real-time data, enhancing resilience and creating value.

Automate, accelerate the

financial close and record-to-report.

Financial Modeling KPI Dashboard Red Orange Consulting

Financial Modeling,
KPI & Dashboard



Defining KPI, balanced scorecard, designing  dashboard, or building bespoke and granular financial models that focus on the key value drivers of the business.

Creating tools that will add value to a transaction,

a process, to the management team thereafter. 

Diagnostic Strategy OKR Red Orange Consulting

Diagnostic, Strategy & OKRs


Diagnose the business and financial health, analyse and identify then complete a strategic planning process.


Great strategy unlocks big moves. The OKR is a tool to create engagement and alignment around goals, it helps in execution.

case studies finance transformation performance management red orange consulting
Capital Structure Raising Capital Red Orange Consulting

Capital Structure
& Raising Capital


Advice on funding options, analyzing the company capital structure and documentation review.

Streamline internal processes and information management to facilitate introduction of new investors, assistance during a capital raise or a listing.

Advisor Board Member Red Orange Consulting

& Board Member

Hong Kong


We help companies reorganize their businesses to achieve greater operational efficiency and market focus to improve inherent value and prior of a M&A.


Often, Management is tasked with replacing or helping the existing leading team.

Sell-side Support Valuation Red Orange Consulting

Sell-side Support
& Valuation 


Reorganizing the company to achieve greater value, advising on M&A strategy, timing and readiness, preparing and coordinating company valuation, due diligence with other advisers.

Support in negotiating

contractual documentation.

Buy-side Pre-deal Due Diligence Red Orange Consulting

Buy-side Pre-deal 
& Due Diligence

Hong Kong


Identifying end goals,

value drivers, the best talents, screening all the targets and assumptions, aligning stakeholders.

The due diligence is not just as box ticking but an added value advisory service as part of the wider transaction process.

Post-deal Integration Red Orange Consulting

& Integration


Maximizing the value, rearranging businesses, potential efficiencies and synergies, helping taking control.

Plus to retain innovative practices of the acquired company, identifying the best talents and align culture.

case studies Mergers and acquisitions corporate finance raising capital red orange consulting
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